Upcoming shows:

  • 5/18, 10p @ Rye Bar, Athens, GA
  • 5/19, 8p @ The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
  • 5/20, 5p ACOUSTIC SET! @ Between Books, Claymont, DE
  • 5/21, 7p @ Green Line Cafe, Philly, PA
  • 5/23, 8p @ Radio Bean, Burlington, VT
  • 5/24, 8p @ IOTA Club and Cafe, Washington DC
  • 5/25, 9p @ Blue Parrot, Wilmington, DE
  • 5/26, 10p @ Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC

Monday, December 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes with Glasgow

Below is a little homemade video of us making a trailer to our indie-rock opera '1986'. We filmed it in a theater space inside the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA), a performing arts conservatory for high school students, of which 4 out of 5 of us are alums (George was in Nicaragua at the time). They were kind enough to let us use the space and put up some decor of our own. We appreciate the privilege immensely.

As the days wear on, we'll be revealing more, little by little, in a heartachingly slow and deliberate manner.

Because we're jerks.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nineteen Eighty Sexy

Larger than life

So, Saturday we'll be filming a trailer for our rock opera and thought we'd run by Party City to pick up some supplies. Naturally, I was distracted by the ginormous gumball machine.

We'll also be releasing some tracks from the opera as our '1986 EP' just in time for the holidays. It's our little way of saying "Feliz Kwanzaa".

Hello, beautiful.


Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is a teaser of Glasgow's drummer Jon Arceneaux "going postal" at the end of the as-yet unreleased Glasgow song of the same name. The video was captured from Alexis Marceaux's cellphone as Jon tracked the part in the Mid-City home of our recording engineer Rick Nelson. It's the same place we recorded the violin, cello, and vocals you hear in the snippet. Look for the full song, plus four more from our rock opera on the 1986 EP, coming next month.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Triple Trouble

Yup. 3 Ninjas. Went there.

Fri. 11/20 - Martin's Lounge in Jackson, MS w/ Furrows
Wed. 11/25 - Mule's Cate Street Pub in Hammond, LA w/ Alexis Marceaux Band
Sat. 11/28 - Artmosphere in Lafayette, LA w/ The Picardy Birds

One week(ish), two much fun for one night, three amazing opportunities to get your Glasgow on. So, don't four-get, or you might have to plead the Fifth. Insert more terrible number puns here. Egh, we might have to eighty-six this whole blog post.

Just to make sure it all adds up, we've decided that in order to multiply our chances of success, we needed to divide and conquer. We hope you all come out in record numbers. We're counting on you.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Voodoo hangover

Random Glasgloating:
Got some interesting coverage from a couple cool places 'round the country from our Voodoo appearance.


A Dallas-Ft. Worth TV station was there and hung out with us backstage. Very nice guys.

Also, NewOrleans.com was there strutting their stuff, too.

There's more where that came from, but I'm pretty sure you are tired of looking at us rock and be awesome.

Love y'all.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glasgow: New Orleans Party Animals

In case you missed this past Friday's Aladdin-themed Glasgow show at Republic, NewOrleansPartying.com was on site filming the whole affair, including an off-the-cuff interview with the whole band. We were perhaps a little besotted with beverage that night, for there was an open bar. Let's be honest; it's something one can't pass up in this economy. Witness the insanity.

An interview with just us (apologies for possible incoherence in advance):

Thank you everyone for making that night such a success. We'll see you at Voodoo!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nothing Quiet on the Eastern Front

Susan Cowsill and Sam Craft at Voice of the Wetlands Fest earlier this month

On the heels of an INSANE Aladdin-themed show at Republic in New Orleans, the Craft Brothers have set off on an East-Coast tour with veteran songstress Susan Cowsill (of '60s family band The Cowsills). The Bros will return just in time for Glasgow's Voodoo Fest appearance, Friday 10/30 at noon.

To see how close this whole operation comes to your neck of the woods, visit Glasgow's MySpace or Susan's MySpace. Not coming by you? Move!

In other news, the band's got a lot in store, including Glasgow's original Indie-Rock Opera '1986', including a free EP and some videos for the opera coming out in November, and live performances of it around the country this coming Winter and Spring. VERY EXCITED.

See you soon!

-J, S

Friday, October 9, 2009

Arabian Night-life

Hello, internet.

Just writing to show you that our Oct. 16th show at Republic in New Orleans is plugged on NolaNitelife.com, a culture and lifestyle website about hip and happenin' goings-on in the Crescent City.

So, this means you need to come to the show. Don't be foolish. Get more details here.

Also, the theme of the show is Aladdin! Abu, the Genie, Jasmine, the Magic Carpet... so many costume ideas, so little time!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In need of something to make you feel smart? Groovescapes is an incredibly well-written and well-maintained music blog, focusing on the Southeast, 'specially New Orleans/Baton Rouge/Lafayette. The blogmaster made an incredible eloquent and positive review of a recent Glasgow show at Carrollton Station in New Orleans.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Glasgow in the studio?!

All those ludicrous rumors are validated by this exclusive, revealing footage.

We've been hard at work tightening the bolts to an indie-rock musical about love and loss in the mid-80s. It's called '1986'. Apropos.

A not-so-secret is that we're going to be releasing a 5-song EP to promote the thing, probably at the end of October. And it's gonna be totally FREE, just like the best things in life.

This is us laying down some percussion overdubs. We're so cute.

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks of the musical.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sam and Alexis do the Robot

We just posted a video of Glasgow's fearless leader Sam Craft (fearless referring to that haphazard animal carcass atop his cranium) and the illustrious Alexis Marceaux performing the Glasgow original Robot. You gotta go to our Facebook page to watch it. Enjoy.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tattoo Cool for School

The first 100 visitors to our merchandise table at our Friday, 8/28 Back-to-School Blowout at One Eyed Jack's (click for tix) get their own sweet Glasgow temp tat.

Don't miss out... ...or the hammer will find you.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Come to One Eyed Jack's on August 28th. OR ELSE.

COG vs. Glasgow from Milo Pinkerton on Vimeo.

Don't be a Stranger

Greetings again, residents of the internet. We've been scarce lately, amping up for our sure-to-be-insane Back to School Blowout at One Eyed Jack's on Friday August 28th, wherein Consortium of Genius has vowed to destroy us with campy, Ed Wood panache (you MUST see this video).

In the meantime, a random bit of fun:

The inaugural issue of the Dirty South's newest music periodical contains a sweet blurb about Glasgow about which we couldn't be happier. Get the entire issue in .pdf form here. We're in the very last section called Songs of Summer. Co-Editor-in-Chief Dominique Minor had benevolent words for our awkward, circus-anthem "Stranger".

You can listen to Stranger in its high-fidelity entirety on our website (www.glasgowband.net). It's the second song on our player in the upper-right.

Check out Dominique's own blog, frustratedmusicjournalist.blogspot.com.

See you at One Eyed Jack's.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friends with Benefits

During our set at the Green Room in Covington, LA on Saturday, an amazing photographer and friend Dominic Dagradi took some mind-numbingly awesome photos.
You can see his work at DominicDagradi.com and see all of the show pictures Here.


Monday, August 3, 2009


From a highly-regarded source, we have learned a goofy little rock band called GLASGOW will be opening up for Augustana (VH1, David Letterman, the Today Show, 'The Hills', etc) at House of Blues New Orleans this Wednesday, August 5. Doors at 7, we play at 8. $15. Come class up your hump day evening.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fan Art

This gem was sent to us by Isaac Taylor of Hattiesburg, MS.:

Needless to say, we are stunned and speechless (although certainly not blogless). Isaac attended our Friday, July 24th show in Hattiesburg and we hung out with him a great deal after the gig. We were first intrigued by the guy after learning that he came to the show even after getting in an accident that totaled his car just an hour or so beforehand. This, however, is truly above and beyond. Our hats are off to you, Isaac.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Tour Highlights: Grand Marais, MN

Our lodgings on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Eat your heart out, Thoreau.

After the Craft Brothers' whirlwind across the amber waves of Waffle Houses and some amazing Glasgow gigs closer to the homefront, we returned panting for air and eager to tell stories. One of our first stops on the Craft Brothers/Susan Cowsill tour, we stayed for a several-day stint on the picturesque North Shore of Lake Superior, in the resort town of Grand Marais. It's like the Aspen of Minnesota. And it's pretty much in Canada.

Susan Cowsill and husband/drummer Russ Broussard taking in the scenery. Eat your heart out, Nights in Rodanthe.

The Naniboujou Lodge. This is where we brunched one morning. This is just the dining hall. And it's all-you-can eat, so, eat your heart out.

Grand Marais, MN is famous for stockpiling discontinued junkfood. This particular chocolate bar is very old and will probably make you hallucinate. Don't eat your heart out.

The gigs in Grand Marais were fun and short, so there was plenty of time for recreation. The weather was cool and dry, most agreeable and quite contrary to the pressure cooker of a typical New Orleans summer. The beach was a our regular spot for repose and deep introspection. It was there that, with heavy hearts, we bode farewell to paradise.

Jack on the rocks, anyone? Drink your heart out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Orleans Music Online gets Crafty

So, New Orleans Music Online's Jay Mazza did his homework about our summer exploits.

Meanwhile, Jack and Sam are on a whistlestop tour of these great United States, all strung out, with the world on a string, no strings attached.

Last night we spent the night in beautiful St. Louis in Susan Cowsill's booking agent's house. He has a boat. And a lake to put it in.

Good morning, St. Louis

Thursday evening we'll in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at their famous Waterfest. We'll be jamming alongside some New Orleans favorites like Paul Sanchez (Cowboy Mouth) and Mark Mullins (Bonerama), and playing before So-Cal's neo-swingsters Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Stay tuned for randomness.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red Stick Recognition

The congenial folk at Baton Rouge's Tiger Weekly made a fine plug for our Independence Day Extravanganza.

Just sayin.

Have a lovely week.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Glasgow Gris Gris -or- Don't mind if we VooDOO

All our lucky rabbits' feet have hippety hopped Glasgow into the 2009 edition of the Voodoo Music Experience. Big shots include Kiss, Eminem, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, The Flaming Lips, and a whole heck of a lot more. Look out for Jack and Sam to be lending cello and violin services to local boy Andrew Duhon's Voodoo set as well.
Mmmmm we have another sweet, tasty morsel of Glasgow news, but it will have to wait 'til the next blog post. Must pace these things you know. Don't want to spoil dinner. All this food talk is making me hungry. Is that new secretary back with lunch yet?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tour Highlights: 1126 House

Jon, left, is not wearing any pants in this picture. George, left center, is OK with that.

Last night we had the honor of headlining the inaugural show for 1126 House, a hip new house show joint in Hattiesburg. It's about a mile from Southern Miss and the neighbors are sweet. It was an unforgettable night of merriment and camaraderie. Friendships were forged and lives were changed. Forever. (Cue 'Salsbury Hill' by Peter Gabriel.)

Bands play for donations and a couple guys from some prominent Hattiesburg/Meridian, MS bands run the place not-for-profit style. Bands can sleep there, get fed, get showered, get free wireless internet (hence, this blog post). Hattiesburg people are generous, as we continue to learn.

Chase these cats down the information superhighway on MySpace. They also host the site hattiesburgmusic.com. It's a cool, interactive hub a la NewOrleansIndieRock.com.

Party time. Excellent.

The globetrotting continues. See you there.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Random exposure

Baton Rouge's Tiger Weekly blogged some pictures of us opening up for Third Eye Blind this past March. Check it out internetters!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer summer summerTOUR

The Craft Brothas ca. 1991, in our summer summer summertime attire.

Starting in late-ish June and stretching through the end of July, Glasgow and the Craft Brothers will be embarking on a fun-in-the-sun, bar-none, how-the-midwest-was-won, water-gun, hamburger-bun, bull-run 'round the southeast and up the Mississippi valley. 

The first leg takes Glasgow from Mobile, AL to Austin, TX and back home again.  Then, Jack will trade in his guitar for a cello as the Craft Brothers meet up with Susan Cowsill and her band in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for some dates in America's heartland.  

Who is Susan Cowsill?

She's famous.

Susan was in a family band called The Cowsills from Newport, Rhode Island who made several hits in the late '60s, including "I Love the Flower Girl" and "Hair". The Cowsills served as the inspiration to ABC's the Partridge Family.  

She's the cute one in the middle.

The family band split soon afterward (parents just don't understand, right Will?). In the '70s, she rocked solo on Warner Brothers records and started a band in the '90s called the Continental Drifters. She's played with pretty much everybody from Hootie to Jackson Browne. For all the in-between details, check out her website: SusanCowsill.com or just Google her.  

All our tour dates with Susan or as just plain Glasgow are at the top of the page and on our MySpace.  In this fickle world of effervescent strings, things are always subject to change, so pop in regularly to make sure your little black book matches ours.  See you on the road.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps

Awesome fun at our Meridian, MS show.  

First, George introduced us to all kinds of crazy Mexican candy.  Why a Nicaraguan knows so much about Mexican candy we don't know.  We had this tamarind paste that was pre-stuck to a spoon, and some brown goo in a bag and all of it was salty.  But my question is why the heck would somebody put red pepper into a squeeze tube and call it candy?  Or those dried shrimp in a bag?  Who does this?  I demand names.

Aparently it's not a good idea to flash a camera at people in the back seat of a car.  Because then they look like this:


 In the middle there is Delila, who came with us for merchandising.  She's got good road-trip stories.  Or at least good stories to tell on a road-trip.  Also stories about tripping in the road.  But no stories about tripping while driving on the road.  Because that would be a DUI.Our adventure took us to Meridian Underground Music, a super-cool joint dedicated to hippie paraphenalia, music, and musical instruments.  It's owned by a cool chap named Wayne Williams, who puts on shows there twice a month.  Check them out at Myspace.com/meridianunderground

There was an Al Green impersonator after us.  His name is Mel Cole, "The Legendary Las Vegas Al Green Impersonator." He was awesome. 

Al Green was promoting Cassandra Sloan for Mayor. We've never had band picture with a Mayorial Candidiate before. She talked about setting up more live performances in Meridien. Cool Stuff. All the best of luck to her. Keep up with The Meridian Star for more info on Ms. Sloan.


Here's the headliner, Baak Gwai, who were loud and fast and butt-kicking.  Real troopers about the cold. 
See them at http://baakgwai.com

And here we have  the Dark Sundays,  an awesome folk-indie outift.  Props to singer Logan, who has the stones to play a pink guitar.  And to his girlfriend Darcy who let Jack borrow her coat.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jack vs. Stick

"Stick? It was more of a log. Either way, wooden and begat from a tree," recounts Jack Craft in his version of the events of this past Saturday night outside Mandeville, LA. In a bizzare bonfire-building incident, Jack was wounded from a projectile fragment of conifer branch. Standard investigative procedures point to a relatively common wood-chopping error. Jack's account says otherwise. "[The rest of the band and I] were just sitting there-- we had just made a bonfire and were adding wood to it. We were drinking beers and telling stories and then-- out of nowhere-- damn stick hit me in the face." Accident? Think again. We believe this to be yet another instance of vicious stick-on-human crime.

We are currently on the lookout for a piece of wood 18-24 inches long, approximately 3 inches in diameter, probably hiding in the temperate, evergreen woods of northern St. Tammany Parish. Tips may be submitted anonymously by calling: 1-800-555-DAMNSTICKHITMEINTHEFACE. Help us fight the epidemic. Don't be another statis-stick.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fully-Charmed Kinda Night

Indeed, above is your favorite neighborhood rock band, plus our dynamite publicist Kelly Rayner (she hates when I call her "dynamite") sharing an embrace with Third Eye Blind's charismatic frontman Stephan Jenkins taken in the green room at the House of Blues in New Orleans after we opened up for them on 3/18. Stephan popped in our room right after our set and mused: "You know, it's like Bono said to me after we opened up for U2 in San Francisco: 'What's the point of us going on now? You wrecked it." Mind you, 'wrecked it' is a good thing coming from an Irishman, apparently. We'll take the redirected compliment any day. Later on in the night he gave members of our entourage gifts of organic cereal and rice milk. What a guy.

We befriended Mr. Jenkins as the night wore on, collectively waxing poetic over Abita Amber at Ryan's pub down the street from the venue. We found out he knows a heck of a lot about microfinance, particularly the movement currently being spearheaded by Kiva. We share his spirit for it, as does our close associate Erica Trani, manager of IN Exchange, the coolest store in New Orleans--nay, the PLANET.

A good time was had by all. Let's do it again sometime.

Live Review: New Orleans Indie Rock Fest II

Live Review: New Orleans Indie Rock Fest II

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Glasgow is thrilled to headline night 3 (Saturday March 7th) of this season's New Orleans Indie Rock Fest, the premier event for original rock in the city. New Orleans' rock scene is remarkably fertile right now, with some of the best of the bunch playing this 3-day extravaganza. There's Caddy Whompus, an amazingly prodigious (18 & 19 yrs old!) noise-pop duo; the undeniable blues/folk/rock collective known as Silent Cinema; The Public is making their long-awaited return after the tragic loss of their bassist Ryan Plattsmier; The Pharmacy, who came all the way down from Seattle to be a part of the scene here because they heard of the amazing work being done by the New Orleans Indie Rock Collective to help unite the scene here; the list goes on.

This festival is the New Orleans rock scene made manifest. The camaraderie is palpable and the amazing music speaks for itself. Its a pleasure to share an event with these bands and an honor to headline the final night.

Here's the breakdown, in case you've been away on mission work in a remote jungle:

Thursday 3/5 | Hi-Ho Lounge
Caddy Whompus
The Pharmacy
The Blue Party

Friday 3/6 | One Eyed Jack's
Silent Cinema
The Zydepunks
Big Rock Candy Mountain

Saturday 3/7 | The Howlin' Wolf
The Peekers
The Happy Talk Band
The Public

Get discount passes for the whole weekend at http://www.neworleansindierock.com.

Free compilation CDs are given out at every show.

Come out and catch some phenomenal bands this weekend. Also, stick around for Glasgow. ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glasgow's on TV! Sort of.

SPIN Earth captured some magic we made at Louisiana Music Factory earlier this month. Check it out:
Glasgow on SPIN Earth

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Kids on the Blog: Newly Christened Band Members Recall Disturbing Christening Ceremony

In an ironic turn of events (I'm talking about the actual ironic and not the foam-latte-I'm-not-religious-but-I'm-spiritual Alanis Morisette definition of ironic), drummer Jon Arceneaux and Nicaraguan George Elizondo experienced a surge of positive feelings and overall positive well-being after witnessing singer Sam Craft's emotional outpouring of the lyrics "And I cry, all the time...." during a recent band practice.  Oh, yeah, they're in the band now too.  

A similar story arose yesterday when Jack Craft accidentally crashed his computer while installing new stability software.  However, an emergency Congressional hearing found that the only connection that could be found between these two events were their origins on the elder Craft's computer keyboard.

Glasgow is playing tomorrow night, Saturday February 14, at Northgate Tavern in Baton Rouge.

Expect Rock and single people.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is our inaugural blog post, so to celebrate the occasion, here's some levity for you:

Well, back to life and all its unrequited pursuits.