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Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer summer summerTOUR

The Craft Brothas ca. 1991, in our summer summer summertime attire.

Starting in late-ish June and stretching through the end of July, Glasgow and the Craft Brothers will be embarking on a fun-in-the-sun, bar-none, how-the-midwest-was-won, water-gun, hamburger-bun, bull-run 'round the southeast and up the Mississippi valley. 

The first leg takes Glasgow from Mobile, AL to Austin, TX and back home again.  Then, Jack will trade in his guitar for a cello as the Craft Brothers meet up with Susan Cowsill and her band in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for some dates in America's heartland.  

Who is Susan Cowsill?

She's famous.

Susan was in a family band called The Cowsills from Newport, Rhode Island who made several hits in the late '60s, including "I Love the Flower Girl" and "Hair". The Cowsills served as the inspiration to ABC's the Partridge Family.  

She's the cute one in the middle.

The family band split soon afterward (parents just don't understand, right Will?). In the '70s, she rocked solo on Warner Brothers records and started a band in the '90s called the Continental Drifters. She's played with pretty much everybody from Hootie to Jackson Browne. For all the in-between details, check out her website: SusanCowsill.com or just Google her.  

All our tour dates with Susan or as just plain Glasgow are at the top of the page and on our MySpace.  In this fickle world of effervescent strings, things are always subject to change, so pop in regularly to make sure your little black book matches ours.  See you on the road.


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  1. Why Austin and not Hoooouuustooon!

    It's even on the way...