Upcoming shows:

  • 5/18, 10p @ Rye Bar, Athens, GA
  • 5/19, 8p @ The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
  • 5/20, 5p ACOUSTIC SET! @ Between Books, Claymont, DE
  • 5/21, 7p @ Green Line Cafe, Philly, PA
  • 5/23, 8p @ Radio Bean, Burlington, VT
  • 5/24, 8p @ IOTA Club and Cafe, Washington DC
  • 5/25, 9p @ Blue Parrot, Wilmington, DE
  • 5/26, 10p @ Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Latest and Greatest from Austin


Been a crazy couple of days here at SXSW. Making blog posts is tough with all this whirlwind of gigs, conferences, and schmoozing. However, you can get a pretty good moment-to-moment account of the happenings here from our perspective by checking out our annoyingly frequent twitter feed: http://twitter.com/glasgowband, or at http://glasgowband.net right there at the top of the page, in big stupid letters.

Salutations from Austin!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


We're on this episode of Launchpad TV near the end. A couple of the people in charge of Foburg Fest, Mark Heck and Rachel Puckett, tell it like it is. This show is way cool!

Watch live streaming video from launchpadlive at livestream.com



Monday, March 8, 2010

Fests, Fests, East and West


We've just gotten rested up from our weekend in Lafayette, where we had a grand time rocking the Artmosphere as part of the second ever Geronimo Festival. There was a great turnout and absolutely perfect weather. Couldn't have asked for a better Saturday.

Next, we are revving up for an event that will certainly find its way into the annals (heh) of New Orleans' musical history, Foburg Fest. It's going to be a 3-day extravaganza (March 12-14), 90+ bands, 10+ venues, and way too much fun for one weekend. Foburg serves as a pre-SXSW platform to route SXSW-bound bands through New Orleans. It will also help acquaint penny-ante New Orleans mistrels like us with seasoned national acts. We'll be headlining the Blue Nile Upstairs on Saturday, 3/13.

FINALLY, we'll be spending most of next week at the illustrious SXSW Conference and Festival, mostly because Glasgow is playing at Agave on March 17 (1:00pm) and at House of Commons on March 18 (7:30pm), all in wonderful Austin, TX.

What a month! Stay tuned for wild and wacky updates from festival-land.