Upcoming shows:

  • 5/18, 10p @ Rye Bar, Athens, GA
  • 5/19, 8p @ The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
  • 5/20, 5p ACOUSTIC SET! @ Between Books, Claymont, DE
  • 5/21, 7p @ Green Line Cafe, Philly, PA
  • 5/23, 8p @ Radio Bean, Burlington, VT
  • 5/24, 8p @ IOTA Club and Cafe, Washington DC
  • 5/25, 9p @ Blue Parrot, Wilmington, DE
  • 5/26, 10p @ Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC

Friday, June 26, 2009

Glasgow Gris Gris -or- Don't mind if we VooDOO

All our lucky rabbits' feet have hippety hopped Glasgow into the 2009 edition of the Voodoo Music Experience. Big shots include Kiss, Eminem, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, The Flaming Lips, and a whole heck of a lot more. Look out for Jack and Sam to be lending cello and violin services to local boy Andrew Duhon's Voodoo set as well.
Mmmmm we have another sweet, tasty morsel of Glasgow news, but it will have to wait 'til the next blog post. Must pace these things you know. Don't want to spoil dinner. All this food talk is making me hungry. Is that new secretary back with lunch yet?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tour Highlights: 1126 House

Jon, left, is not wearing any pants in this picture. George, left center, is OK with that.

Last night we had the honor of headlining the inaugural show for 1126 House, a hip new house show joint in Hattiesburg. It's about a mile from Southern Miss and the neighbors are sweet. It was an unforgettable night of merriment and camaraderie. Friendships were forged and lives were changed. Forever. (Cue 'Salsbury Hill' by Peter Gabriel.)

Bands play for donations and a couple guys from some prominent Hattiesburg/Meridian, MS bands run the place not-for-profit style. Bands can sleep there, get fed, get showered, get free wireless internet (hence, this blog post). Hattiesburg people are generous, as we continue to learn.

Chase these cats down the information superhighway on MySpace. They also host the site hattiesburgmusic.com. It's a cool, interactive hub a la NewOrleansIndieRock.com.

Party time. Excellent.

The globetrotting continues. See you there.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Random exposure

Baton Rouge's Tiger Weekly blogged some pictures of us opening up for Third Eye Blind this past March. Check it out internetters!