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Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps

Awesome fun at our Meridian, MS show.  

First, George introduced us to all kinds of crazy Mexican candy.  Why a Nicaraguan knows so much about Mexican candy we don't know.  We had this tamarind paste that was pre-stuck to a spoon, and some brown goo in a bag and all of it was salty.  But my question is why the heck would somebody put red pepper into a squeeze tube and call it candy?  Or those dried shrimp in a bag?  Who does this?  I demand names.

Aparently it's not a good idea to flash a camera at people in the back seat of a car.  Because then they look like this:


 In the middle there is Delila, who came with us for merchandising.  She's got good road-trip stories.  Or at least good stories to tell on a road-trip.  Also stories about tripping in the road.  But no stories about tripping while driving on the road.  Because that would be a DUI.Our adventure took us to Meridian Underground Music, a super-cool joint dedicated to hippie paraphenalia, music, and musical instruments.  It's owned by a cool chap named Wayne Williams, who puts on shows there twice a month.  Check them out at Myspace.com/meridianunderground

There was an Al Green impersonator after us.  His name is Mel Cole, "The Legendary Las Vegas Al Green Impersonator." He was awesome. 

Al Green was promoting Cassandra Sloan for Mayor. We've never had band picture with a Mayorial Candidiate before. She talked about setting up more live performances in Meridien. Cool Stuff. All the best of luck to her. Keep up with The Meridian Star for more info on Ms. Sloan.


Here's the headliner, Baak Gwai, who were loud and fast and butt-kicking.  Real troopers about the cold. 
See them at http://baakgwai.com

And here we have  the Dark Sundays,  an awesome folk-indie outift.  Props to singer Logan, who has the stones to play a pink guitar.  And to his girlfriend Darcy who let Jack borrow her coat.

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