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  • 5/18, 10p @ Rye Bar, Athens, GA
  • 5/19, 8p @ The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
  • 5/20, 5p ACOUSTIC SET! @ Between Books, Claymont, DE
  • 5/21, 7p @ Green Line Cafe, Philly, PA
  • 5/23, 8p @ Radio Bean, Burlington, VT
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Post SXSW, Spring has Sprung

Boy, SXSW this year sure was a hoot. We got to hang out with famous people and play in some of the coolest places on Earth. In the aftermath, we've been busy keeping up with new friends we made out there and exploiting (benevolently, of course) our new contacts.

We've got some exciting upcoming events. On Friday, April 2, we'll be rocking the roof off the Dragon's Den alongside carnival freaks Dirty Bourbon River Show and Houston's finest Wild Moccasins. The madness begins at 10pm.

Then, on April 16, we're going to be doing a STAR WARS-themed show at Republic New Orleans (!!). More on that to come. We can hardly handle the anticip...

THEN, we'll be doing a couple Jazz Fest night shows, one at Maison on Frenchmen St. on April 24th, and another at Circle Bar on May 2. These will feature a ton of insanely great talent. We'll be blogging about them individually closer to show time. VERY EXCITING STUFF.

FINALLY, we plan to embark on an East Coast tour at the end of May. We're going up to New York and back, making many stops on our way. Details still in the works.

We've been getting more into this twitter business. "Follow" us, if you'd like. See how I used the jargon there? That's what you're supposed to say: "Follow". Yeah. @Glasgowband is our name on there. So go "tweet" something about us, maybe. See? I did it again. No big deal.

Until next time. See everyone at Dragon's Den.


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